' There's no shortcut to family success and happiness, the amount of work you put in, equals the amount of success' - Oge Obikeh Udeagha


' Education makes all the difference, bridging existing gaps, opening closed doors and giving a measure of upliftment to the individuals who have it in their possession' - Oge Obikeh Udeagha


' You may not make everyone else happy, but if no one misses you when you are gone, then, you might have lived only for yourself and that will be a very selfish life' - Oge Obikeh Udeagha


' Making use of one's time is a necessity, not an option' - Oge Obikeh Udeagha

Our Innate Qualities

' Judging someone by their looks is like looking at a glass of wine and concluding what it will taste like from the colour of the bottle. What we are made up of inside, sometimes does not reflect on the outside but that doesn't mean it's not there' - Oge Obikeh Udeagha


' There's something I like about the Indians, whether it is the honest dedication to duty or their outright self discipline, am not sure but seldom will you meet an Indian you won't love' - Oge Obikeh Udeagha

A Talkative

' A talkative person is like a mad drum playing on your head, you can't stop it, you will allow it run its course and then, when you least expect, it stops' - Oge Obikeh Udeagha

Good Neighbour

' To have a good neighbour is like drinking fresh wine daily. Each time you pass him, some unmeasured thrills fill your soul ' -Oge Obikeh Udeagha


' What fate actually means to me is having a strong faith in a purpose and rendering equal effort towards it, while maintaining consistency, often, the result ends up as positive ' - Oge Obikeh Udeagha