Best friends

' Those are our best friends in whose presence we are able to be our best selves' - Oge Obikeh Udeagha


Powerful and subtle. In its tenderness. Very unforgiving. It must show a dent. Everyone runs. Everyone clamour for it. It is seen broad and bold. Blaring Purity. Peaceful in its unassuming form. White is beautiful.

The Withered Mind

It is easy as it's difficult It's sweet as it's bitter It's clear as it's confusing Pleasurable as it's agonising The green grasses in the garden waves It gives reassurance To a tired, placid soul The heavens beamed His heart is watered A new hope has descended Entrenched in his being Like a spring bed …


' The once very strong legs become feeble, they become wobbly, and you realise that youth is such a blessing that shouldn't be laid to waste, for when we are, we are and when we are not, we are not '-Oge Obikeh Udeagha


' Get your priorities right, it may not be all rosy but everything will fall into place with time'-Oge Obikeh Udeagha


' The only one who holds the world in His hands, who is just and fair, who gives and takes, He is forever, He is God' - Oge Obikeh Udeagha


' It's not enough to be on the right page with the wrong person, being on the wrong page with the right person can be a lot better' - Oge Obikeh Udeagha

Difficult Decision

'The time you are in the middle of the road, you can't go forward nor backwards, you have to make the difficult decision right on the spot. Your reasoning becomes your only relief' - Oge Obikeh Udeagha


' Happiness doesn't just happen, it arises from our daily actions, giving help to those who need it, defending the defenceless, you can only love so much, giving all of yourself for you to be a truly happy person' - Oge Obikeh Udeagha