Get That Space

I am fortunate and I consider myself privileged for having a place to bury my head when I need to. A special place to shield myself away from the world, from some elements at a time when I really am in need of some solitude.

We all need our private space, we need it for the rainy day. The space can be anything. It can be in any form, it can also take any shape. As long as it is your special ‘thing’, then, it is fine.

I find my special place in my love for writing. And I dissappear whenever I feel the need to. I shut myself from the world as I immerse myself in my private space , a place where I don’t have to ask for approval, nor permission in order to truly be myself. A place where I don’t have to strive to make anyone happy ( or sad as the case may be ) On the plain where vanity holds so much in my heart and we glide through together. We explore the world , the air whispering in my ears, the leaves waving in calm assurance. They flutter the words as I pen them down. I am totally lost as I found and hold my self dear.

We all deserve a little space my dears, find yours today And at those uncertain times, the period you think you are lost, go ahead and dissappear there, you will not only find yourself, you will thereby find peace. For no one finds peace away from oneself, it is always within us.

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