Maybe, The Scariest Thing?

How long ago were you scared, you know like really, you could feel your hairs standing on your skin? Well, I guess it happens once in a while to a lot of us. It doesn’t matter what we are scared of, but we all just get that creepy feeling keeping us company once in a while.

For me right now, I am scared of continually living in a city rife with knives, where young adults’ blood trickle down the streets on a daily basis. I am scared of someone walking up to me and instead of saying a decent hello, would rather say it so harshly with a knife.

London is probably my most scary thing right now. How have we gone down the hill so much, murdering young people as if they are chickens. (Even chickens deserve better) Where have we got it wrong? And I wonder, can we mange to get it right?

As someone who is used to flipping the pages of newspapers as well as listening to news broadcasts, I declare, albeit most solemnly that those things that normally satisfy me now make me really scared. Hardly would a night pass by that BBC will not dish out a gruesome report of a murder, often resulting from knife stabbing.

Whatever made our teenagers to love knives in a wrong way. I mean, you can have a great love, affection even, for the knife, but you just have to do it for the right reasons. I look forward to a generation of teenagers in London who would love knife for the right reasons. What ever happened to using the knife in theatres, saving lives while dressed in those white robes instead of taking them? Or perhaps, chop off on those carrots and other vegetables adorned in the perfect chef’s uniform?

Is the government really doing enough to help keep the youths off the street?, some people ask. To be honest, I am not for Tories and I am not for Labour. I might have more liking for the latter though (just that Jeremy Corbyn fluctuates sometimes in my mind) Yeah, but yes, the government have little or no blame at all for the conduct of the London youths.

The ability to discern between right and wrong, the decision to be responsible in life cannot be given to a child by the government. These are what should be imbibed by individuals over a period of time and the individuals include but is not limited to the youths of London.

If a child grew to understand the meaning of responsibility, he would go to school and face his studies. I agree there might be occasional wear and tear here and there in the process but the conscientious effort towards responsibility will always overrule the negatives.

If perchance, responsibility is not your thing, can you please just value that breath of life which you and I are incapable of creating. Can we embrace dialogue more than the knives. That, which cannot be solved by dialogue can never be solved by knives.

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