What Lies Within Us

Hello everyone, it’s been a long long while, I have been wishing for more days to make up a week ‘cos just seven isn’t enough for me any more. But anyway, glad I ‘ve got this seemingly rare opportunity to share my recent lesson of life.

The picture of the hair you are seeing is the hair I made all by myself. OK, that may not ring a bell but what if I tell you that this is the first time ever I am making braids through out my long existence on earth!! Yeah, the very first time and all by myself.

I have been taken my daughter to a hair dresser and the wonderful woman had been awesome. She braids my daughter’s hair so beautifully. The most interesting thing is my daughter would not as much as flinch from the beginning to the end of the braiding session.

I always call her in advance in order to book my daughter’s appointment and that’s how it was working for us but recently when I made the call that normally have me relaxed knowing that my daughter’s hair will be sorted out nicely as usual, I ended up distraught.

The lady was moving away to another part of the town, far from me. I felt like heavens have come down on earth, how do I manage?

But then I did manage and I am amazed at my first attempt. So, what tools did I use?, by tools, I don’t mean combs and all that, I mean what made me to succeed in braiding my daughter’s hair, it is called ‘self will’. Sheer self will, I was determined to succeed somehow with my daughter’s hair.

Most times, we believe we can’t do some things and we limit ourselves just because we have an alternative. Having alternative is good, right now if that hair dresser comes back to her original place, I will jump up with happiness and of course, book an appointment, however, with her absence, what I didn’t realise lived in me was able to shine through.

I went on to you tube, watched some tutorials on how to braid hair, armed with the firm determination to tidy up my daughter’s hair and voila!, I did. It may not be the best looking hair ever but am impressed with my first attempt.

My honest wish for all of us is that we dig deep inside of us, in the face of those difficult, uncertain times and find our hidden potentials because they are there within us, only hidden as implied.

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