Yes! Time frame met!!!

Hello everyone, so in case you just stumbled upon this post, I wrote in my last post about how I wished to take some time off and concentrate on my upcoming novel. I did take the time off and I set the target for myself to round up the novel this week, it’s only midweek and guess what, I made it!

Right now, am taking a walk, to clear my stuffy head. It was few weeks of real hard work, I found myself typing in the bus, writing in the office during my break, not having time to rest when I come back from work, living practically on junk food and not having enough time to even munch on the stock of fruits I kept. It was insane as it was maniacal, it was crazy but eventually I did it, I finished.

Am not sure if anyone missed me but I did miss being here with you guys and am so glad to be back. I always look for the lesson in everything. What I learned from finishing my novel within the time frame I set for myself is this; sometimes, maybe, most times, it’s good for us to challenge ourselves, and set high goals. As much as they may seem unattainable at first, if we put our mind to it and a little CONSISTENT effort, we will be surprised at what we can achieve and how we achieve it. I am estimating this novel to be a hundred thousand words and I wrote it in less than two months, actually, six weeks.

I have got the editing to do anyway, and I will reveal the title just before it gets published. Meanwhile, let’s keep inspiring ourselves, no one else will truly do that for us. #inspired

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