And Then, There Comes Spring!

I couldn’t help but notice these beautiful flowers as I walked into the reception area of my office the other day. They may not be the most beautiful flowers you have ever seen but you will agree with me they still are visually striking.

Few months back, we were all paying heavy bills heating up our houses, trying to get warm. It’s amazing to see how different seasons transform our lives from less happy times to happier ones and vice versa. Now, we can exhale the sweet scents of the flowers, we can enjoy the sunshine and we clad ourselves in light cotton outfits walking around till late at night.

We will choose for the weather to be forever like this if we are given a choice, sadly the choice is not ours to make. We just take and accept what is doled out for us at different times. So, if winter comes, we accept it, if summer comes we accept it, and we accept spring and autumn as well. All we need do is modify ourselves to suit whichever weather we are facing.

Also, these seasons lie differently in our individual minds. As a result, I may be experiencing summer while you are checking out the thickest duvets to use because you are in winter. In other words, situations are different for me and you at a particular time and while I might be jumping over the moon for whatever, you may may be feeling like falling off from a bridge.
Some of us can carry the whole world in our heads and still smile, however, some of us cannot. Some just don’t have the capability, and when they are feeling blue and utterly low in spirit, they don’t know how else to handle it than just showing it as real as it is. These are the type of people we come across and we go berserk. They can be annoying to be with, work with, even a simple chat with them seem like you are climbing yourself up to kilmanjaro.
These are the people you pass and flash a smile and they hold their face still like a it’s made of steel. There are no positive vibes coming from them. Most time we sum them up as ‘sadists’ , ‘wicked souls’ , ‘unfriendly people’.

If only we can be given an inner eye, you know, the kind of eye that can see through the hearts of others. Am sure by the time you pry into the mind of that neighbour of yours and see what goes on in it, you will be greatly mortified, We can mske a good impact on these people’s lives by giving a genuine smile each time we accost them and hey! I don’t mean the kind of smile that doesn’t pass the lips. Give a genuine smile that will be entrenched in their hearts forever. Show them you care.

Do not forget though, that the seasons of life aren’t static, they change as they are wont to. As you go about getting ready for a barbecue in the garden, and you walk the high street in higher spirits, donned in your leather jackets and sun glasses, remember that somewhere, someone is grappling with the duvet, someone’s bills are skyrocketed from heating and they walk the same high street as you do.

You will know them when you see them, a genuine smile given from the heart can just make a difference.

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