The Difficult Art Of Listening

Hi everyone, mind if I ask what you have been up to, speaking, listening to people or someone or doing both? Well, I have done more listening than speech on this beautiful warm day. Not because I don’t have much to say but it’s because I have been subjected to just continually listen and speak as less as the person doing most of the talk would bear to hear.

I know, it’s 😔, isn’t it. It’s no longer a new thing if I just blurt out now that humans are so selfish, no, its not new. But selfish to this extent, boy, c’mon. How do you expect someone to be happy when every time he listen to your rant, it may not be always rant but he always listens to you whenever you talk and when he wants to talk, you don’t.

Come on now, that’s not fair. I don’t blame some people who are like this though, you know the group of people who finds it difficult to listen. It’s not their choice most of the time, it’s more because they dont know how to, they haven’t leant the art of listening.

Listening is an integral part of communication. You cannot speak with out wanting to be heard and unless it’s heard, then you just ended up ranting or musing to yourself. Sometimes, when am on the phone with some of my friends, they keep asking me intermittently if am still there on the line and I keep on reassuring them that I can hear what they are saying.

That us because I hardly interrupt, I don’t like to. When you have someone talking to you, it’s always better to let them finish. You may not agree with what they are saying, you still have to wait. If you must interrupt, allow the person to pause first. That way, when you interrupt, you don’t do it mid way

You didn’t snatch the sentence out of hid mouth and he will be find it a lot easier to start off from where he stopped.

When we are being listened to, when we talk feel valued, otherwise we feel neglected. Again, someone might just be saying something which you don’t have interest in, instead of neglecting the person while he is busy wasting his saliva and energy, you can gently make him understand his talks does not interest you. He will feel more valued that you made it clear to him in a polite way than the other way round.

The art of listening is something what we should all try to cultivate so effective communication can always take place.

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