I Might Just Be Old School Afterall, Part 2

Am sitting in the reception area of a hospital waiting for my turn to see a doctor and as usual, my cat eyes is following every being that walks in through that glass door. Something caught my attention.

You won’t believe it but I tell you, it was as if they all had a previous plan. Immediately someone sits down, they dip their hands in their pockets, purses, bags, wherever they have put this piece of technology that complements today’s human being, and they sit down, face drooping downwards and off they go, their minds away from where their body physically is. And that includes me, the minute I sat down I did the same thing, though looking up constantly to see the next newcomer and what he / she will do next.

Only a handful, OK, three people, (I just counted them) two ladies and a man are seen glancing and flipping through the pages of a magazine they picked from the coffee table which points out that their reading is a product of after thought, a situational occurrence. This is a room of 23 people including a little child of about four years who has been holding a phone and scrolling up and down from the time she entered with her mother. In this reception room also is a young girl of about fifteen or sixteen. She came with her novel and is busy reading without realising any other person is in the room. Coming to the hospital with a premeditated thought to read is what I liked about her. Hers is not a situational occurrence. Such is what I will like to see more often in our young people. The genuine desire to read for fun.

I have noticed this over attachment to phones too in trains, buses, bus stops, train stations, people of all ages and of both sexes all get busy with their phones once they settle down.

We no longer value those paperbacks and we read everything from the Internet. And of course everything is in the Internet.

I remember how I got lost in a class of around thirty three students during my secondary school days in Nigeria. I was reading a novel, you remember the harlequin series? It was so interesting that I forgot a teacher was in the class. I started reading the novel when the boring subject she was teaching ever so boringly became too much for me to handle. She came close to me and I still didn’t know! When that slap hit one part of my cheeks, I was brought back to where my parents paid for me to be, in the class and not inside harlequin novel.

I love technology and I love the way Google answers all my questions but I still derive joy from flipping though the pages of a physical book not just to read for exams but just reading for pleasure.

Sometimes, I simply beg to differ.

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