For The Sake Of Those Little Things

“I will sue them, no Oge, am telling you, I will sue them.” She is a very close friend, we share ideas on different issues and she opens a lot of herself to me. Sometime ago she called me up and with a very excited voice told me how that day is super dopper happy day for her as she went to a shop to buy some clothing for herself but ended up walking away with five items of clothing for free! “Oh, Oge, you won’t believe it, I didn’t have physical cash in my bag, so I opted to pay for the items by card but the man told me the total money will be up to five pounds before I could use the machine. As my face dropped, thinking of the two options I have got, of either dropping the clothes and leaving or keeping them aside and hurry out of the shop to the nearest cash machine, the ever amiable man interrupting my thoughts asked me ever so politely if I need a bag. I smiled the smile, you know the type that does not go past your lips and said in my coarse sad voice “but I haven’t paid”, he smiled and told me to take it because am their customer. This time a warm smile from that part of the heart where real smiles come from (is there anything like that?) plastered on my face. I thanked him and Oge, everything cost £4.75.”

I mean its not much but hey, who can pass with even a quid in London not to talk of a fiver. If not for any other thing she can use it for chicken and chips. I was happy for her and marvelled at such rare act of kindness in a city where everything and everyone is valued at a price and even a little act of kindness is expected to be bought. Well , this happened sometime around May last year.

Yesterday, a year and one month later, this friend of mine buzzed my phone, swearing in a way only a typical Nigerian would. “Hey Oge, I swear, I will make money off this company. What do they take me for, how could they dare mess me up like this….” I tried to calm her down and then I asked what the problem is.

It happened that she went to that same shop that gave her some freebies and paid for a sofa and other items. The sofa will be delivered to her house in a week’s time. This time she didn’t tell me about her visit to the shop which incidentally is a charity shop (maybe because no freebies followed her out of the shop this time)

So now, the day came for the delivery and they called her to make sure she’s at home, then they brought in all the things she bought from the shop except the sofa. They explained to her that there was a mixup and the sofa was mistakenly delivered to another person. They also told her she should please go back to the shop to look at the ones they have and that she is free to pick on anyone and won’t be charged a penny more and it will still be delivered without any cost to her. My people, let’s be sincere, is this not a good deal? I understand my friend should be upset naturally, but if it’s me, I will head straight to the shop, look for the most beautiful and probably the most expensive of the sofas and tell them the day I want it delivered, no extra costs whatsoever, good deal!

But my friend was still ranting on suing them, making money off them, threatening them, oh, she blabbed quite a lot on the things she will do.

Of an unshielded truth is the fact that we often forget and take for granted little acts of kindness from others towards us. When they make the slightest mistakes however, we are quick, so quick to judge and condemn not just their actions but them as well. When you are very upset and angry against someone, take a moment to look back. You must see one or two things you will be grateful to the person for. It amazes me how some people will harden their hearts on people who have once stood by them and helped them even at a point when they couldn’t as much as help themselves. Simply because they feel they have been wronged.

Gratitude is so generous that it makes the giver happy and the receiver happy too. When you show an act of gratitude for a deed done for you, you always seem happier and of course, you undoubtedly share that happiness with the one with whom you show gratitude.

Do not let one or two mistakes from someone ruin all the good times you ‘ve had with the person. I spoke to my friend anyway and I told her its very selfish of her to think of the money she will make suing a charity shop, that is just helping make our society better by collecting and selling bric-a-brac at giveaway prices. And she forgot how they dashed her some clothes… I spoke at length with her and it was challenging for me to convince her not to sue them but instead go pick another sofa like they offered or collect her money back like they also offered. You see, we often like to take but we find it difficult to give back. Gratitude entails giving back, it takes something out of you. You have to be willing to give out a part of you before you are capable to show gratitude.

I was happy when she yielded, my friend that is. And she was able to look back, then she told me other acts of kindness that I know nothing about which the receptionist has shown her in the past.

We may not give much at any given time but when we are given and we finish enjoying it in the spur of the moment, let us hold the deeds dear to our hearts, that when those falter in the least, who had earlier shown us kindness, we will remember their kind deeds and continue to show gratitude still.

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