I Might Just Be Old School Afterall, Part 1

As I watched one of my favourite presenters, Phillip Schofield on ITV as he compared different gadgets used in and out of the home, I started asking myself some questions by the time he was comparing two brands of juice makers.

As I watched curiously, the machines took in some fruits and some vegetables at different times, that wasn’t my problem, I continued watching but when the machine did its work of separation, oh my, that was when I shifted with discomfort from the comfortable chair I was sitting on.

I have had a juice maker at a point in my house but hardly use it because am too impatient to wash it (c’mon, we all know they take time to wash properly) I mostly prepare smoothie with my smoothie maker and I always love it. So looking from an onlookers view on what the juice maker does and how it does it, you know getting out all the juice from the fruits or vegetables or whatever you put in it anyway and doing the wonderful job of separation thereby keeping the chaff from the original thing you put inside made me think, don’t we actually need those things we call chaff and throw away?

We throw them away and drink the juice – it’s great, that’s a whole lot of vitamins and belive me when I say I don’t have any problem with that. What seem to give me a bit of concern is that a lot ot of us have embraced this method as the only way to eat our fruits and even vegetables, hence we don’t get the wholesomeness of those fruits.

Hey people, we need fibre, those fibrous tissues we get thrown away from our fruits and vegetables are beneficial to us. I know, I probably sound old school, maybe, I am. I grew up in the age where fruits are washed and eaten and any form of mastication is done with the teeth and not with any machine whatsoever. So then, even children manage to get enough fibre and everyone is more healthy than we have these days. Now, with the advent of a lot of gadgets, and our wholesome embrace of them, we tend to miss out on some important things we need in order to live better and longer. Here are some of the very important benefits of fiber for our bodies.
Fiber makes your stool softer and even prevents you from gaining too much wait as it increases the weight of your stool and its size. Secondly, the blood sugar levels is highly maintained when you have enough fiber in your body. Thirdly, it cuts your Type 2 diabetes risk. The importance of fibre in our bodies are numerous. When next you are thirsty and in need of some fruit juice and you bring out your juice maker, spare some, so you can eat them whole, and thereby getting some fiber into your system. There are other sources of fiber of course, apart from fruits. Let’s get in us as much as we can and we will be better for it.
I love technology, and I love change but I keep a little of myself just in case. Don’t go juicing all the fruits that pass the front door to your kitchen and don’t chew on all your fruits until your teeth begin to complain. Somewhere in the middle will just be fine.

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