‘What Comes Naturally Is Ever Without Strain’ – Oge Obikeh Udeagha

I angrily threw away my phone but I was cautious enough to throw it on a soft landing. What is this shit? I cursed several times under my breath and I must have hissed close to a hundred times (pure exaggeration but I sure hissed a lot) So, I sat down forcefully on the chair and sat up almost immediately to go to the loo. Am not diabetic but in the state I was in, I have visited the loo to do a wee three times in less than or close to but not more than thirty minutes.

By the time I came back to the chair, all I could hear myself mutter under my breath to an empty room (don’t get me wrong, there are of course furnitures and all the likes but no human being) is ‘I will show you that this is from my head’. I sat down again, this time less forceful. And this was what t made me so annoyed.

I sat down middle of the night to write like I always do. I finished writing my piece and read it over and over again editing it. It was a fairly long post compared to my other posts on this site. It totalled 2,345 words and I smiled as the words touched something in me after reading the post. I hit the publish button, well to cut a long story short, I found a mistake which am supposed to edit. Just a single letter that came and stood defiantly in front of the word ‘join’, making it look like ajoin, a word am sure I haven’t heard before and which by all standards is grammatically wrong as far as English language is concerned. So, my dears, I proceeded to edit and this time clicked the edit button….. The rest as they say is history. The anger that welled up in me thumping at my chest when I was staring at my post which I have completely finished, now drastically cut down to a 525 words will be better experienced to be understood.

Where do I start from, I wanted to just correct ( am beginning to fear the word ‘edit’ as that was what sent me to hell in the middle of the night) and face other matters of the night. To start from a quarter of what I have written and finished all over again….

Every thing that throws itself my way I use as a lesson. So, I decided to pop up this post almost immediately because I love to pen words or in this case, type words down.

LESSON LEARNT; when you are good in something, you are just good, no matter what obstacles that will rear their ugly heads, you will find it easy to move on because (in Nigerian pidgin English) ‘na you get area’ meaning, it’s your field. I formulated this quote in my teenage years after penning down a particular poem which I still love to this day ; ‘what comes naturally is ever without strain’ . Because I wrote the poem and liked it to think I didn’t even spend time on it plus the fact that I wrote it in the spur of the moment.

Therefore, if life comes to your area and starts dishing you out shit. Show it that you ‘ve got your area and you can’t accept any mess. Dust up yourself and give your best shot ever in a dance which you know how to dance well. #noexcuses.

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