My Honest Views On Feminism

Among some people both men and women, the word Feminist is easily associated with a woman who is unruly, and in all or many aspects, have a lot of negative tendencies. If such women are married, people assume their marriages won’t last, when it lasts a bit of a time, they attribute it to the woman bossing the husband around. And in the work place, you say you are a femninst, you become unpopular with your male colleagues and even some women too, you know, the group that is so docile to stand apart for positivity. Even your parents might start seeing you in a different light and say ‘oh, we ‘ve always known, she will end up not amounting to any good’ This is because you have taken a wrong turn and approach on a term you hardly understand.

The term Feminism has been understood in different ways and is practised just as same, ie in varied ways too.
Hating all human beings with a ‘thing’ in between their legs is not what Feminism is about for me. Treating people with indignity, usurping the roles between a man and a woman in the house is not my type of Feminism. You see, I chose to give my blatant views as well as opinions on this topic Feminism because I have seen relationships turn sour, homes fallen apart because someone dusts herself, and steeps the whole of her being into some funny beliefs and principles and then portrays herself as someone who has become a Feminist.

Women are women and men are men. These two are unequivocal in their individual identities. The two sexes are uniquely created in such a way that both depend on each other for a lot of things in life. And this is where I have somewhat of an an issue with women who see Feminism as trading their sex and taking up another. That’s not what I understand Feminism as. No, far from it.
In my view, Feminism embodies everything feminine, it seeks to empower women not to grow penis and do away with their vaginas, but to be strong and unlimited, achieving success in different endeavours while wholly in tune with and embracing their feminity.

There are some very peculiar qualities women are endowed with. Now, Feminism didn’t say we should rip off these qualities. Do not gloat over having six parts better than your hubby. Do not take pills to stop your period from flowing because you feel it makes you less of a strong invulnerable being. These and others are some attributes God has given you as a woman. You can tone your abdominal muscle and have your flat tummy still, just don’t start comparing it with ‘Chris Evans’ or ‘Ryan Reynolds’ And you can take some pain relieving tablets to minimise menstrual cramps but for the the sake of womanhood, do not attempt to change yourself into a male because you say you are a Feminist. That clearly is not what that very controversial term implies.

Women are beautiful and they are bold, They conquer battles quite often and they do so quietly. They are God’s chosen vehicles of procreation. Whatever is successful, a woman is always there and without a woman, a man is incomplete. Let us all embrace our feminity while drawing on our strengths to be stronger.

For me, that’s the message of Feminism and in my next world? Don’t ask me, I will still be a woman.

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