The One Way To Real Success

I know that consistency is preached about in different endeavours and on different levels. In all my existence the word has always rang a bell. However, it’s a bit shameful for me that I didn’t learn the importance or should I say how beneficial the word ‘consistency’ really is. Literally, consistency means ‘being steady’. Analytically, there is no way something is ever going to achieve success status if it swings up, down and sideways like a pendulum or moves about in any other imaginable way without maintaining any form of consistency like a yo-yo.

There just have to be that steadfastness in an endeavour for success to be realised. Now, am typing this post while in a moving vehicle, a bus to be specific. As usual, the driver goes steadily only stopping to obey traffic lights and to pick or drop passengers or to do both as the case may be. So, how about this man whose eyes are clearly focused on the big windscreen in front of him, from where he sees the road in its clarity decides to stop the bus and says he is not going anywhere anymore. Every plan of every individual in that bus will be ruined, the ones going to work will run late, the ones going back home will also be late, the kids in the bus will stop chatting loudly like the one sitted next to me and their happy carefree day will be ruined.

As with driving a bus, consistency is needed in every other thing we do in life ( by the way, the chatter box beside me has just gone down from the bus with his mum). Even this post am typing will not see the light of day if I halt and just stop typing. And if you stop reading the post assuming I finished the typing, you won’t get to the bottom of it. Consistency requires you to give of yourself steadily and it pays off in short or in the long term.

There are things I loved to do when I was much younger and which I still love to this day but which I never was consistent with, so many months passed, the months turned into years and gradually they started fading away like a fog clearing up gradually but steadily in an early spring morning. By the time I realised, it was a bit too late and the result? the success I would have achieved earlier on in life was forestalled.

There are many people who let go and become inconsistent with consistency in their given endeavours. They do this either because of lack of belief in themselves or other people’s insufficient belief in them. Or maybe society doesn’t give enough credence to what they do.

This is why some people end up with what they don’t want to do in life as a means of livelihood. Have you heard of the doctor that forgot a pair of surgical blade in a patient’s abdomen after surgery? Those are the kind of people who left what they are supposed to be consistent and which they are good in, to do the one that probably suits the society or their parents.

A good example of being consistent can be seeing in the natural order of things. They follow a pattern and are always consistent with the pattern. Take for instance childbirth. A woman will have to carry for nine months her pregnancy before she will give birth to a child. There are hiccups along the way, but her ability to persevere and carry on is what will lead to the eventual success of holding the baby in her arms.

There are some people who would have been great doctors who ended up as lawyers and there are some lawyers who would have achieved a lot of greatness by just playing rugby. I term it ‘displaced passion’ . Fire up the energy in you by being consistent with whatever endeavour you find yourself in. That’s what being steadfast does, it makes you better, it can only be likened to sharpening a knife daily, the result is a sharper knife and it gets sharper with every sharpening. Consistency gradually lifts you to where you should be, where you are meant to be. You become better with each experience as you near your big break.

Even though I learned this one tip to success a bit late, I will apply it to my every endeavour from now on. You can do the same and together, we will hold our heads high and our chins up as we beam beautiful smiles to the camera, because we will walk on that road of success, consistency by our side. See you at the top!

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