These Things Called Castles

Windsor Castle is beautiful, I mean, I haven’t entered it, even during the recent past event, you know the wedding that shook the world, I didn’t bother to catch a glimpse of the architectural beauty. For some reason I am sure am quite unsure of, I decided to watch the whole event, live from my lounge. Not withstanding, I know the castle is a beauty to behold and so are a lot of other castles around the world.

What am thinking however, is how the experience will be, you know to find oneself all alone in a big castle. When there are people moving around, food being served, and with all the merry-making, the flowers inside and outside all look more captivating, the whole charm of the castle beckons and you can’t help but flourish in its true beauty. I have been in a house alone sometimes. We all get to that point where we are just alone in a house from time to time. And even in a three bed, two bed houses we sometimes hear noises that are not there, footsteps that only live in our minds, and figures that exist in our subconscious, we become scared. And it’s only a three bed house! Can you then imagine being alone in a castle of one thousand rooms like Windsor Castle that is sprawled on a thirteen acres of land or maybe inside the seven hundred and seventy five rooms of Buckingham Palace or any other castle as a matter of fact. I shudder at the thought. You know, that ambience that once smiled at you, the flowers that looked so beautiful, everything will turn to an object of scorn in an instant, laughing at you as you thread cautiously watching every of your step because even the sound of your footsteps scare the hell out of you. And perchance, you drop an item, the resounding noise it will produce will be so deafening, serving only as a little relief from the silence that sorrounds you. And even though, it’s late spring, you will find yourself dorned in a winter coat. This only means one thing, there are certain things that just have to be shared in order to be enjoyed. A castle can just pass as a metaphor. In life, let’s all learn to share, especially happiness. When you are in that plain where you feel like you ‘ve got it all together, share the moment with others especially, the ones who stood by you even before you got it all, before you reached that peak. In as much as some have greatness thrusted upon them like Shakespeare rightly said, many people strive continually to get to the point of success where they are now. There is always a beginning before everything else. May we not forget our humble beginnings.

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